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Sex-drive boosters for men

There is this real story about this guy in his 30s that took Viagra. He went to bed with this woman, and after they both came, he went to take a shower. While he was in the bathroom, the woman left to go home. After around 15 minutes, he called her cell phone, saying she has to come back as it was still hard. But the woman was in the expressway, and there was no way for her to return.


Viagra and more

Viagra does work to cure some cases of erectile dysfunction. If a man does not have that problem, when he takes the whole thing,  his hard-on can last for hours. What some men do if they want to use Viagra and other similar products, is to take half only, just before they go sex dating.


There are desensitizing sprays and creams that make a man stay hard for a longer time.  The thing is, the dick has to be erect first, and one must still have enough sexual prowess to keep it up for a long while.

Overall health

For that boost of energy, there are things you can do for overall health that can keep you going. If a person has a healthy body, their sexual health is typically good. Take care of your body, and the erection will happen.

Testosterone levels

Note that a man has lower levels of testosterone as he gets older. When that happens, his sex drive diminishes. Taking hormonal replacement like those liquids might seem effective, but those libido drops aren’t sold in drugstores, so there is no guarantee that it does work. There are also herbal supplements that are said to be effective, but it is better to consult a doctor first before taking anything that isn’t prescribed.

Feeling horny

What keeps a man feeling horny is a combination of factors to include that he has to be healthy enough to get an erection. If he has erectile dysfunction, he can seek treatment. However, some men don’t get it up with their regular partner, but do get excited when there is someone new!

Bored with the old ways

You can go to girlie joints and watch a striptease, but you might be too jaded for that scene. You can go visit dance clubs or cruise the street, but that might be not your thing at all. You can also go online and download one of the most popular app for sex dates.

Sexual desire

Keep in mind the many times that you wished to be able just to go jump into bed with someone new. How about those times that you were with your regular mate, and a hot chick passes by? The interest is spurred by what has not yet been tried – as awful as it might sound, desire fades after a few months. 

A hookup

When someone new comes into our life, we might get attracted. Just the very thought of meeting another person for a hookup might be exciting. You don’t have to be stuck in a box, in the routine, as there is a sure-fire way to boost up your sex drive, naturally, by going to bed with someone new.